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Main Campus, Penang

INFORMM in Penang is a three-storey building with administrative and laboratory build-up area of approximately 50000 sq ft completed in 2010 . We have 40 labs dedicated for certain experimental flows and lab spaces which allows students to conduct their daily routine laboratory work. The proteomics suite comprises a Nano-LC, a HPLC as well as a Biacore SPR, a PCR suite comprises several PCR and RT-PCR, a AFM suite comprises the only Biological-AFM currently available in Malaysia, a 2D-gel electrophoresis lab comprises key equipment and a scanner that analyses 2D gel images, several mammalian cell culture suites and 3 specific nanoparticle laboratories  for synthesis, analysis and pre-biological lab, Phage Display Technology labs comprise  equipment for generation of antibodies from phage display and a set of robotics to ensure  easy selection of monoclones.  

INFORMM is equipped with an Auditorium, 2 Conference rooms with teleconferencing capability, 3 seminar rooms and 3 Postgraduate rooms which provide desk space for students. As INFORMM has started the MSc Mixed Mode programme in 2016, we have further improved our teaching classrooms with teleconferencing facility.

In February 2020, a new learning space  with a cafe by The KAPIT's was opened.

Health Campus, Kelantan

INFORMM in Kelantan is conjoined triplets of two storey building with laboratory build-up area of approximately 24,000 sq. ft. The oldest building which was completed in 2004 locates the administrative and academic offices, postgraduate discourse room as well as a spacious tutorial room on the first floor. The ground floor of the building consists of designated laboratories for cell culture (BSL2:  dedicated for mammalian cell culture e.g. cancer cells), sequencing (genetic analyser and pyrosequencing), and genomics (thermal cyclers and real-time PCR). Importantly, herein the ground floor of the building locates our In-Vitro Diagnostic (IVD) Unit, facility for the production of lateral flow assay-based diagnostic kit certified by ISO 13485:2016 (Medical Device).

In the second building which was completed in 2015, the ground floor consists of cell culture facility (BSL2 but is dedicated more for bacterial cultures) and open benches mainly utilized for proteomic works. The first floor of the building locates open benches for genomic-related activities, but this area mainly utilized for training activities such as workshops and lab-demonstrations.

The youngest building completed in 2018 consists of open benches for genomic and proteomic works, facilitating the Advanced Technology group at INFORMM Kelantan. The ground floor of the building is another facility designated for diagnostic prototype development (more for research purposes).

Facilities at INFORMM Kelantan