HICoE Program

The Institute for Research in Molecular Medicine (INFORMM) started the phase two of the HICoE program focusing on the importance of cementing our capabilities as well as ensuring continuous development to keep the program at the competitive edge with other technological leaders internationally. The three new technological capabilities developed under the HICoE program include heat-stable shark antibodies, novel aptamer binding moieties and cutting-edge mammalian expression. The program was designed to position INFORMM to spearhead diagnostics platform development as an open-source technology capable of accommodating various needs.

Our current focus has been on the strengthening of existing platforms as well as the establishment of new platforms. To date the application of our platforms have centred on neglected infectious diseases as a model; however, initiatives have started to expand our coverage to other diseases like cancer. This initiative will hopefully generate a ripple effect to ensure more researchers in the country, region, and internationally recognise the capabilities developed under the HICoE program at INFORMM. As an extension to the previous report submitted in June 2019, this report will outline the progress of each project since June 2019 until December 2019.

Objective of project:

  1. To establish key technologies in diagnostic platforms focusing on aptamer and antibody generation process
  2. To strengthen the position of INFORMM as a player in the diagnostic platform area
  3. To break into regional diagnostic platform scene
  4. To establish INFORMM as preferred training centre in diagnostic platforms

hicoe tech platforms

Figure 1: The technology platforms developed under INFORMM’s HICoE program