INFORMM Research Theme (2022-2024)

As a result of the INFORMM 2022 strategic planning (2022-2024), the existing Research Cluster was changed to the INFORMM Research Theme (2022-2024) based on the existing strengths and expertise of each academic staff. For this new research theme several new objectives have been outlined:

1. To offer relevant academic programs towards nurturing young scientist for the betterment of S&T in the country
2. To conduct impactful industry/community engagements for sustainable health
3. To be preferred strategic partner for medical & health socio-economic drivers
4. To intensify engagement with alumni towards contributing back to INFORMM

Also, in line with this, INFORMM Research Theme (2022-2024) will focus on several strategies that have been outlined under the KPT Strategic Direction 2022 as follows:

Strategy 1: Strengthen Graduate Marketability - Achieve the target of 85% graduate marketability for every graduate cohort
Strategy 2: Strengthen the Digitization Agenda - Strengthen the field of Biosensor research at INFORMM and apply data science in the field of Precision Medicine.
Strategy 3: Strengthening Strategic Collaboration Networks - Strategic partnerships with various parties
Strategy 4: Driving Community Well-Being - Production of kits that can be used for the community below
Strategy 5: Enhancing Institutional Excellence - Strengthen the core of INFORMM services

 INFORMM Res Theme