Research Clusters

Focus Areas

INFORMM has been at the forefront of translational and multidisciplinary research in infectious diseases since 2003 especially in the production of diagnostic kits.

To facilitate INFORMM’s ongoing research expansion by using Blue Ocean Strategies in 2013, it has set up three priority research themes or clusters: Advanced Research Technologies, Diagnostic for Infectious Diseases, and Cancer Research. These clusters draw upon the current expertise in INFORMM to ensure the best possible outcomes.

INFORMM was among the first Higher Institution Centre of Excellent (HICoE) that emerged in USM in 2010 and recognized as USM’s world class research programme on development of technology platforms for diagnostics by adopting the R-D-C-E (Research - Development - Commercialization - Entrepreneurship) concept. At INFORMM research development and innovation are performed under one roof and to translate research outputs to the market place in a timely manner. The work of INFORMM’s researchers and staff in Typhoid and Filariasis diagnostics were amongst important high profile research that has achieved local and International recognition.

Advanced Research Technologies (ART) Cluster

The advanced research technologies cluster is focusing on spearhead research in design and development of vaccines and therapy mainly for infectious diseases. Using molecular based technology platform to discover novel therapies and vaccine candidates.The cluster has evolved from traditional drug based treatments to novel therapies today by using biologics and small molecules based therapies. This novel therapies enable more targeted approach towards treatment of diseases thus leading to potential therapeutic candidates minus the side effects developed by conventional drug based treatments. Meanwhile, vaccine’s team applies innovative techniques, with recombinant DNA technology and investigating novel delivery techniques for improved vaccine designs.

ART Cluster Members

Diagnostics for Infectious Diseases (DID) Cluster

One of the main problems for the management of infectious disease outbreaks is the availability of good diagnostics. The main focus of the cluster is discovery of novel biomarkers/infection markers for diagnostic applications. The cluster has a good track record with breakthroughs in discoveries of novel biomarkers for typhoid and lymphatic filariasis which had been translated into commercialized tests. The cluster is expanding into other infectious and parasitic diseases that affect people in low resource settings. Along with biomarker discovery, the new diagnostic tests can be associated with relevant treatment options to combat these infectious diseases, especially re-emerging ones where drug resistance is a problem. Current areas of focus are parasitic diseases, enteric diseases, and other bacterial and viral diseases.

DID Cluster Members

Cancer Research (CaRe) Cluster

Cancer cluster at INFORMM has demonstrated promising, consistent and independent research profiles with the philosophical view of "Cancer Research for Malaysians for a Sustainable Tomorrow".The research comprises fundamental and translational aspects of cancer that covers  diagnosis, prognosis and drug discovery. The research direction is also largely focused on dissecting the molecular mechanisms mediated by new therapeutic candidates to circumvent tumour resistance to therapies, tumour progression and metastasis.

CaRe Cluster Members