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  • INFORMM Young Scientist Award 2022 Presentation Ceremony

INFORMM Young Scientist Award 2022 Presentation Ceremony

INFORMM Young Scientist Award 2022 Presentation Ceremony

INFORMM (online), 4th April – The INFORMM Young Scientist Award 2022 was successfully celebrated in an online ceremony. The ceremony was officiated by the Director, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Aziah Ismail and Deputy Director for Postgraduate Division, Prof. Gurjeet Kaur Chatar Singh. The anticipation and excitement of the ceremony was handsomely set by the charismatic emcee, Mr. Ahmad Najib Mohamad. The INFORMM’s director graced the occasion with a wise and insightful speech, inspiring everyone to strive for excellence in their scientific pursuits. The chairperson of the event, Dr. Nik Yusnoraini Yusof also delivered a heartfelt message, highlighting the importance of recognizing and honoring the contributions of young scientists. The ceremony was held to honor the achievements of young scientists who have demonstrated exceptional dedication and hard work in their respective fields. In a display of intellectual brilliance, Dr. Lee Yeuan Ting (PhD Category), Siti Zulaiha Ghazali (MSc category), and Sarah Hammad (Master Mix Mode category) were each recognized for their exceptional achievements as proud recipients of the award. Due to the geographic diversity of the winners, with Dr. Lee Yeuan Ting in New York and Sarah Hammad in Jordan, the event was held online to ensure that everyone could participate and receive recognition for their remarkable achievements. The event was a testament to the INFORMM's commitment to supporting young scientists and recognizing their contributions to the field of scientific research. Each of the winners was selected based on their exceptional contributions to their respective fields of research, as well as their commitment to excellence and dedication to advancing scientific knowledge. The winners were recognized for their passion for scientific inquiry, their innovative research methodologies, and their contributions to the scientific community. All winners were awarded a cash prize (PhD -RM300, MSc – RM 200 and Master Mix Mode -RM100) and a certificate of recognition for their outstanding achievements. Dr. Lee Yeuan Ting and Sarah Hammad took the opportunity to express their gratitude to their supervisors, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Onn Chern Ein and Assoc. Prof. Dr Khoo Boon Yin, respectively, for the guidance and support throughout their research. Siti Zulaiha Ghazali was unable to attend the ceremony, but her message was delivered by her supervisor, Dr. Khairul Mohd Fadzli Mustaffa. The recipients shared their excitement for being selected as the winner, and thanked the committee for recognizing their work, and expressed their appreciation for the support and guidance they received from their supervisors, colleagues, family and staff. The event culminated with a joyous photo session. Although there were no refreshments due to the virtual nature of the event, the spirit of celebration and happiness was palpable. It was an indeed lively event, filled with excitement, pride, and a sense of community. The ceremony was a resounding success and a testament to the resilience and creativity of the organizers and participants.

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Dr. Nik Yusnoraini Yusof

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02 INFORMM Young Scientist Award 2022 Presentation Ceremony

03 INFORMM Young Scientist Award 2022 Presentation Ceremony

04 INFORMM Young Scientist Award 2022 Presentation Ceremony