Molecular Medicine Science Camp

The partcipants of the Molecular Medicine Young Science Camp 2017.

Kubang Kerian – November 25th, 2017,  the Molecular Medicine Young Science Camp was successfully held and organized by INFORMM, at Health Campus Kelantan.  The event was officiated by the Deputy Director of INFORMM, Associate Professor Dr Aziah Ismail.  The main objective of this one-day enjoyable, intensive and edutainment event was to cultivate interest in science, particularly Molecular Medicine to future young scientist, aged between 13 – 16 years old.  Altogether 17 students from secondary schools in Kelantan such as SMK Dato’ Ahmad Maher, MRSM Kuala Krai, MRSM Jeli, and SMK Kubang Kerian II participated.
The programme was structured in a way to realize the Malaysia Nation’s Dream in modulating and nurturing young generation. All participants actively took part in the activities designed especially for this event e.g. motivation, academic sessions and games such as Who Am I, Who is Nobel Laureate, Laboratory Tour and Wonderful Science Exploration. Almost all participants were delighted and gave positive feedback about the program, expressing a good fun moments and memorable experiences.

 2017ScienceCamp2The students trying out liquid handling by pipeting coloured reagents.


 2017ScienceCamp4Students learning human anatomy.